Management Team

Bob McWhirter, Founder

Bob McWhirter is the original founder of the Codehaus ( open-source community. Since early 2003, he has managed the day-to-day operations of the Codehaus community, including evaluating project acquisitions and cultivating a culture of excellence. Through the Werken Company, the boutique consultancy he founded in 2001, he has worked with companies such as BEA, Zenplex and Spiritsoft.

He has 8 years of enterprise software development experience on back-end business systems. He has worked in the logistics, print and technology industries. Bob is also the author of numerous open-source projects, such as the Drools business rule engine, for which he is currently authoring a book for O'Reilly and Associates.

Within OpenXource, Bob McWhirter fills the role of CEO, focusing on analysis, consulting and business development. He is the executive editor of Crossings™.

Ben Walding, Founder

Ben Walding has 7 years of experience in the telecommunications, health service, banking and finance, utilities, government, industrial engineering and small business arenas. Ben has experience ranging from general consulting with multi-national consulting firm through to extensive optimisation of major telco billing systems. He also has substantial experience integrating various commercial and open-source products to achieve business objectives such as management, monitoring, quality control.

Within the Company, Ben Walding oversees the daily operational aspects of the Xircles™ community-in-a-box, including product improvements.

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