Partner Program

About the Program

Our partner program is designed for building our own community of experts. We recognize that we our talents are specialized and our resources are limited. We welcome other organizations into mutually beneficiail relationships.

  • Inbound Opensource Consultancies
  • Marketing Firms
  • Development Tool Vendors
  • Hardware Vendors

Contact us!

Contact a partner representative at to discuss how we can work together.

EuroOSCon: Amsterdam, October 17-20
Opensource Conference in Europe
Community Co-creation
Developing in the open can provide benefits beyond the value of the intellectual property.
Market-Makers, Supplier Communities, and Micro-Economies
Maybe the middle-man isn't so bad.
Creative Commons for Code
The Creative Commons Open Licenses are very popular for content creators. I predict we will see a lot of opensource code licensed in this manner, and it makes sense!
The What, Why and How of Opensourcing Your Code
The conference slides are now available.