Opensource Initiatives

Legal Details

Determining the pedigree of outside contributions and conformance to third-party licenses are primary legal details that must be attended to. Your corporate counsel, though, must also be educated regarding your firm's opensource strategy in order to act effectively.

Marketing Challenges

To successfully integrate with opensource communities, you must use more than just press releases to get attention. Marketing opensource many times is a guerilla activity involving personal networking, blogging, and journalism.

Technical Execution

Many times the corporate development process and tools are quite different from those commonly accepted by the opensource community. A throw it over the wall strategy to releasing a product as opensource is a recipe for failure. At the code and tool level, the product must conform to the norms of the larger opensource community it is entering.

Corporate Cultural Adaptation

Part of the execution of an opensource initiative involves educating your own workers across the organization. Your marketing department must understand the opensource message, your support and sales organizations have to adjust their ways of working.

Get Started

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