Retainer Program

Sweat the Details

Opensource is causing you to move into new territories. Broad initiatives are required to know where you are going, but you also have to sweat the details to make sure you arrive safely. When you hit a bump in the road, you can count on us to help you over it.

Help When You Need It

Small errors can accumulate into large failures. Our retainer program allows for micro engagements as short as 15 minutes to ensure that help is available when needed.

An Open Line

Our retainer program allows you to have direct access to us at all times. We are available to answer your smallest question or sanity-check the latest idea you had over lunch. Shoot us an email. Ring our phone. We will be your sounding board, devil's advocate, or sage.

No Hassles

By signing up for our retainer program, you are entitled to a certain amount of our time over the course of a year. Once enrolled, our services are as close as a telephone or a computer. No additional statements-of-work, purchase orders, or contracts are required.

Micro engagements are billed in 15-minute increments to ensure that you only pay for the amount of help you truly need. You will be sent a statement monthly outlining the services used and your remaining balance.

Program Levels

Level Cost Hours Average Engagements
Platinum $5,000 USD 25 hours 100 engagements
Gold $2,500 USD 10 hours 40 engagements
Silver $1,000 USD 2 hours 8 engagements

Sign Up Now!

Please contact an account manager at to discuss which level of our retainer program would be right for you.

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