Strategy & Direction

Is Opensource Right for Us?

Opensource may or may not be the answer. Since valuable intellectual property is involved with opensource strategies, you should take care in defining your business model around it. The right strategy could make you a market leader, while the wrong strategy could sink your company. The first strategy question to answer is "Is opensource right for us?". Some business models could richly benefit from an opensource strategy. Some would be doomed by such a strategy.

Defining a Strategy

If opensource is right for your organization, we can help define a concrete strategy for you. An opensource strategy is cross-cutting, touching many aspects of your business from marketing, sales, engineering, finance, legal and executive perspectives.

Common Strategies

  • Services and support
  • Commercialization of an opensource project
  • Community around a proprietary product

How We Help

OpenXource™ consultants will meet with the stakeholders in your organization to address your opensource strategy. We will help formulate a comprehensive plan for moving forward in a world of opensource. Please contact an account manager at to discuss your questions about opensource strategies.

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