Xircles™ Community Portal


The Xircles™ Portal is an integral part of the Xircles platform (you are automatically licenced for the portal as part of the platform). It helps you answer vital questions about your opensource projects - are we gaining or losing users, are our projects gaining popularity, is the community contributing patches, is the community helping itself and much more.


If you've gone to the effort of engaging Xircles for your commercial opensourcing project, then you have some specific business requirements that you need met to justify the ongoing effort required to maintain an opensource community. The Xircles portal comes preconfigured with a set of portlets that are tailored to meet most business requirements.

Where the Xircles Portal does not meet your requirements, you can compose your own portlets, or engage OpenXource to develop and integrate new portlets that meet your requirements.


Access to your Xircles Portal is controlled using the same security manager that controls all access to Xircles and your projects. You are able to control access to each portlet individually in the event you do not want users from accessing potentially sensitive information.

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