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Strategy & Direction

You're thinking about opensource. You're not certain how it should figure into your organization, if at all. Our Strategy & Direction practice can help.


To make your opensource initiative a success, we can help with its execution. Our Initiative Execution practice will lead you through the technical, legal and marketing details of a successful opensource initiative.

Retainer Program

Our Retainer Program makes it easy for you to maintain a continuous relationship with OpenXource consultants.

EuroOSCon: Amsterdam, October 17-20
Opensource Conference in Europe
Community Co-creation
Developing in the open can provide benefits beyond the value of the intellectual property.
Market-Makers, Supplier Communities, and Micro-Economies
Maybe the middle-man isn't so bad.
Creative Commons for Code
The Creative Commons Open Licenses are very popular for content creators. I predict we will see a lot of opensource code licensed in this manner, and it makes sense!
The What, Why and How of Opensourcing Your Code
The conference slides are now available.